About Us

First off, let me thank you for stopping by to look at our website.

Dan's Custom Works has been around since January of 2001.  I started the company to sell Darts and  Dart Supplies.  I grew the company into a small but fairly well known name around the Lincoln, NE area with those who like to throw darts.  In the early days I also did a little cabinet work as well as holding down a full time job. 

However, after multiple trips to the "SAND BOX", also known as the fun filled Middle East region of the world.  I decided to step the game up and start an embroidery shop where I would also do vinyl signs and banners. That morphed into where we are today.  We currently provide embroidery services, screen printing, sublimation, vinyl signs and banners, as well as our latest undertaking of providing those in need with promotional products for your business and or organization.

Please stop back and check out new products and undertakings we will sure to have in the future.

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